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To laugh is – to risk appearing the fool.
To weep is – to risk appearing sentimental.
To reach for another is – to risk involvement.
To expose feelings is – to risk exposing your true self.
To place your ideas, your dreams before the crowd is – to risk their loss.
To love is – to risk not being loved in return.
To live is – to risk dying.
To hope is- to risk despair.
To try is – to risk failure.

william-arthur-wardBut risk must be taken, because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. The person who risks nothing, does nothing and is nothing. He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn, feel, change, grow, love – live. Chained by his certitudes, he is a slave, he has forfeited freedom. Only a person who risks is free.

By William Arthur Ward

Meet the Artist: Emma Zander

10420288_815278508522091_6777696466822869425_nHi, my name is Emma Zander and I’m an actor in the One Act Class’s production of She Kills Monsters. I also participate in makeup crew, and take some photos during rehearsals. We haven’t really started makeup yet, but it should be interesting when we do. Taking photos is fun during rehearsals because everyone is still experimenting with their roles; so some of what you see in pictures will not be the same for the final show.

The play itself isn’t there yet. It’s kind of expected, every show I’ve been in at Homestead it seems like we’re very unorganized, but it comes together in the end. We have yet to have a day where everyone is really on top of it. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m still struggling with Vera (my character) and I haven’t had a day where I’ve given it my 100%. I think as we nail our lines down and really put our all into our blocking it’ll all shape up.

Emma as the White Rabbit in "Alice in Wonderland"

Emma as the White Rabbit in “Alice in Wonderland”

With this class, we compete around the State on Saturdays with the play.  Our first will be October 24th and the competitions will be fun but nerve-wracking. We’re out here to put on the best show we can and that’s what we’ll do. Sure, there’s points and ranking, but if we walk off that stage thinking, “Wow.” I think we’ll call it a win.

I auditioned for The Hobbit my freshman year and didn’t get in. That was rough. Then I auditioned for Carousel, best thing ever. Two of my friends and I were the only freshmen to get called back for Romeo and Juliet. We didn’t get cast, but it was a confidence boost for sure. The summer going into my sophomore year, a group of HHS students worked on the play Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl.  Eurydice was one of the best things I’ve ever been a part of. Thanks Joe.

Last fall I was in the play Alice in Wonderland and met some of my closest friends… and got a supporting role, the White Rabbit. I wasn’t able to do The Mikado as an actor, but crew was really fun. I also met my best friend during The Mikado. I couldn’t do Arabian Nights or Robin Hood. So here I am in One Act and very very very excited for Beauty and the Beast. I stayed in theater because I knew I wanted to do it in high school and you just can’t beat drama club drama. Also, I think Ms. Figg-Franzoi would cry herself to sleep every night if I wasn’t in her shows. She would miss me too much. Me, being the good person I am, I couldn’t do that to Ms. Figg. It just wouldn’t be right.

One Act doing an X-treme Through in class

One Act doing an X-treme Through in class

I could write lots of stories about One Act classes, but people would be too impatient to read them all. Overall, Nick Gardison is six years old, everything about Derrick Karas is comically large, Emily Boelke likes big lizards, Matthias Wong is good at getting his arms ripped off and Sarah Verespej has to go to the bathroom a lot (she doesn’t stand still). Everyone in the class is wonderful to be around and it’d be a very different show if any one of them was taken out.

What do I do outside HHS theatre?  Really? Uh… I don’t really know. I think most people would peg me as photographer, but I’m more than that. I have lots of interests, some I’ve pursued at Homestead and some I have yet to try. I’m in a lot of clubs. The clubs I’m in, I’m in because I wanted to be there. It’s too common for people to only join clubs for college apps. You do high school once, I just wish every kid really did what they wanted to do without the stress of the future deciding their every decision.

What do I want to do when I leave Homestead?

Travel the world. Eat good food. Be happy.

Hup! Hup! Hup!

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Meet the Artist: Andrew Lococo

Andrew Lococo as Lewis Carrol in "Alice in Wonderland"

Andrew Lococo as Lewis Carrol in “Alice in Wonderland”

The character, “King John,” is described as “A small, soft-spoken, fastidious tyrant who always seems both abused and superior.” As this is the basic description of this character, I present him in a much different sense but still keeping true with his natural charisma in the various adaptations of this tale.  Hello, my name is Andrew Lococo and I am the “I” the previous sentence was referring to. I am a senior here at Homestead High School and am delighted to “play” in the epic tale we know as Robin Hood. This production will be my seventh within the high school’s theatre department and I currently share the title of Co-President of the Drama Club with senior, Sarah Mai. I’d like to take this time to share what theatre has meant to me both at Homestead and in general.

The Cast and Crew of "Arabian Nights".... Theatre Family

The Cast and Crew of “Arabian Nights”…. Theatre Family

Early on as a child I possessed an artistic quality, quickly discovering I was nothing like the jock-type. I found enjoyment in the viual arts first. If one is looking for evidence, might I suggest visiting my grade school to find nearly every teacher with a hand-drawn picture by yours truly. In middle school, I joined my first musical, High School Musical 2, with the North Shore Academy of the Arts. During the rehearsal process, I was very unmotivated and didn’t want to spend my weeknights singing about Troy and Gabriella. However, by the run of the production, I had discovered a hobby and liking for musical theatre, just not for High School Musical. I think most can agree with my opinion, I know for a fact Ms. Figg-Franzoi would.

Andrew Lococo in the Spring Show "Arabian Nights"

Andrew Lococo in the Spring Show “Arabian Nights”

I performed several more times with this program until my freshman year. That is where I found a true second home, more commonly known as the James Barr Auditorium. It is where I improved significantly upon my craft, found a love for the life in it, and met some of my cherished friends. It is such a cliche and sappy story that I’m sure the entire department can re-tell needing no script about my finding of this place. But, I like it anyway. To you newbies, you will have the pleasure of hearing it uttered during my show speech, a speech that will be said just a handful more times.

Looking forward, though, I plan to study in the field of Education, with UW-Whitewater being at the top of my list. I hope to teach at the middle school level and wish to reside locally in the Mequon/Thiensville area. But, for now, I’m just enjoying this chapter of my life as it soon draws to a close.

Written by: Andrew Lococo (2016)

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