Theatre Review: Stratford is off to an exhilarating start with Romeo and Juliet

Stratford’s “Romeo and Juliet.” Lets all take a trip to England!

National Post | Arts

Part of the received wisdom on Romeo and Juliet is that it’s a tragedy that looks, for much of its length, as if it’s going to be a comedy. In this case, the received wisdom happens to be true. It certainly underpins the production at Stratford, an exhilarating start both to the new season and the new regime.

The comedy isn’t just a matter of individually humorous lines or even scenes,  though Tim Carroll’s production is exceptionally adroit at discovering and delivering these. It’s a matter of how the play goes: that up until the deaths, half-way through the action, of Mercutio and Tybalt, maybe even beyond then, there seems no reason for there not to be a happy ending. The deaths of Romeo and Juliet themselves are caused less by their own personal qualities than by a series of external accidents. This may well, as the purists are fond…

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