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Welcome to the 2016-2017 Theatre Season:


There is a shifting in the wind, a storm is brewing for the 2016-2017 theatre season.  Change is in the air and tempers will flare.  Join us this year for a season filled with family feuds as we start with A.R. Gurney’s comedy, Sylvia where husband and wife disagree about getting a dog.  Our musical is a classic, Fiddler on the Roof, in which Tevya, father to 5 daughters must realize that he has raised free-thinkers and struggles to let them create their own life.  We end the season with Shakespeare’s classic, The Tempest, where a literal storm brews and magic is plentiful.  A mother struggles to get revenge, while her daughter learns to love.  “Winds of Change” theatre season is sure to entertain audiences of all ages, so bring the whole family for Homestead High School’s 2016-2017 theatre season.

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